Klipsun Vineyards Verjus

Verjus, the juice from unripe Cabernet grapes, has the tartness of lemon juice and the acidity of vinegar without the harshness of either.

Since before the Middle Ages, verjus had been used for 800 years throughout Europe in cooking and as a cure for indigestion.  Known as the “mother of all sauces”, verjus, is used in salad dressings, sauces, soups, and marinades to compliment seafood, fowl, red meats, vegetables, desserts.

Recipes can be easily found on the Internet (Keyword ‘verjus’).

Produced on Red Mountain, American Viticultural Area
Available September 9, 2003. Second vintage available September 7, 2004. Third vintage available October 12, 2005, none produced in 2006.

Establishments with Klipsun Vineyards Verjus include:
Creektown Cafe, Walla Walla
Whitehouse-Crawford, Walla Walla
26 Brix, Walla Walla
Barking Frog, Woodenville
Rover’s, Madison Park
Madison Park Café, Seattle
Café Juanita, Kirkland
Queen City Grill, Seattle
Crush, Seattle
Lark, Seattle
Brad's Swingside Cafe, Freemont
Zoe, Seattle
L'Heure Bleu, Portland
Paley's Place, Portland
Riverplace, Portland
Luna, Spokane
Paprika, Spokane
Chez Chaz, Kennewick
The Tasting Room, Seattle
DiLarenti's, Seattle
L’Ecole No 41, Lowden
Preston Premium Wines, Pasco
Carafe, Portland
In Good Taste, Portland
La Cantina, Bellevue
Salumiere Cesario, Walla Walla
Merchant’s, Walla Walla
Fort Walla Walla Museum, Walla Walla
Ariel, Richland
The Wine Seller, Kennewick
Deep Sea Deli, Yakima
Latah Creek, Spokane
Rocket Market, Spokane
Fairhaven Market, Bellingham
Whiteside Beer and Wine, Corvalis, OR
El Rancho, Solvang, CA

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